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Authentic Travel, Kagoshima Why not visit Kagoshima on your next holiday? LINK
Kagoshima Convention & Visitors Bureau Why not hold your next convention inKagoshima? LINK
 →Convention Event Schedule Various information onconventions being held LINK
 →Introduction to the Convention Facilities Search for Major Convention Facilities LINK
Kagoshima Shima (island) Supporters Discover the charm of Kagoshima’s Islands LINK

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Easy Access Kagoshima Check this out before you go! LINK
Navigating the Tenmachiarea Tenmonkaninformation for your mobile phone LINK
Kagoshima Airport Recommended sightseeing courses by car from Kagoshima airport LINK

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Kagoshima Prefecture Facilities Kagoshima Prefecture Public Facilities Information LINK
Kagoshima-city Public Facilities Guide Kagoshima-city Public Facilities Information LINK
Kagoshima Prefecture, Municipalities in Kagoshima Prefecture Links to websites of thecities, towns and villages in Kagoshima Prefecture LINK

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