Transportation agencies

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Railway Company

Company name Contact HP
JR Kyushu Railway Company JR Kyushu information Center 050-3786-1717 LINK
Hisatsu Orange Railway Inc. Head Office (Direct: Administration) (0965)32-5678 LINK
Sales Division (0996)63-6860

Bus, Tram Company

Company name Contact HP
Kagoshima Kotsu Co., Ltd. Passenger Bus Division 099-254-8970
Kagoshima Office
(Kagoshima City, Ijuin Area)
West Kagoshima Office
(Kagoshima City, Nansatsu / Kaseda Area)
Kaseda Office
(Nansatsu / Kaseda,Makurazaki Area)
Ibusuki Office(Nansatsu /Ibusuki Area) 0993-22-2211
Makurazaki Sales Office
(Bus pass sales and charging IC card only)
Sanshu Jidousha Co., Ltd. Kanoya Office 0994-65-2258
Shibushi Office
(Bus pass sales and charging IC card only)
Nangoku kotsu Co.,Ltd. Head Office Automotive Division 099-255-2141 LINK
Kagoshima Office 099-245-4001
Sendai Office 0996-23-8400
Isa Local Office 0995-22-1435
Izumi Office 0996-62-1626
Airport Limousine Office 0995-58-2341
JR Kyushu Bus Kagoshima Branch 099-247-2056 LINK
Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau 099-257-2111 LINK


Company name Contact HP
A-Line Ferry Co., Ltd. A-Line Ferry (Kagoshima-Kikai Amami Route) 099-222-2338 LINK
A-Line Ferry Co.,Ltd. Daiichikaiun Shibushi Office 0994-73-2700 LINK
A Line Ferry Passenger Division(Kagoshima-Okinawa Route) 099-226-4141
Marix Line Co., Ltd. Kagoshima 099-225-1551 LINK
Travel Center 099-227-2730
Tane Yaku Kousokusen Co.,Ltd. Toppy & Rocket Reservation Center 099-226-0128 LINK
Kagoshima Office (South Wharf Terminal) 099-223-4251
Iwasaki Sangyo Co. Ltd. /Kashokaiun Co., Ltd. Kasho Kaiun Co., Ltd. (Kagoshima Branch) 099-261-7000 LINK
Orita Kisen Co., Ltd. Head Office 099-226-0479 LINK
Reservation Center 099-226-0731
Cosmo Line Inc. Cosmo Line Kagoshima Office 099-226-6628 LINK
Toshimamura Toshima Route Kagoshima Port South Wharf Coast Office
(reservation only)
099-219-1191 LINK
Business Agent: Nakagawa Unyu Co., Ltd. 099-226-5318
Mishima Village Ship Division 099-222-3142 LINK
Mishima Waiting Area 099-227-1664
Koshikijima Shosen Co., Ltd. Kushikinoshinko Ferry Terminal 0996-32-6458 LINK
Tenchou Ferry Co., Ltd   0996-86-0775 LINK
Tarumizu Ferry Co., Ltd Kamoike Office 099-256-1761 LINK
Tarumizu Office 0994-32-0001
Kagoshima City ShippingDivision
(Sakurajima Ferry)
Kagoshima City Shipping Department 099-293-2525 LINK
Kagoshima Port Ferry Ticket Office 099-223-7271


Company name Contact HP
Kagoshima Airport Building Co., Ltd. General and Sightseeing Information Center 0995-58-4686 LINK

Transportation related websites

Company name Contact HP
Kyushu District Transport Bureau,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Consumer Policy and Information Division,Traffic Environment Department 092-472-2333 LINK
Secretariat, Kagoshima Prefectural Railway Transport Improvement Council Kagoshima prefectural Policy Planning and Coordination Department Transportation and Traffic Policy Division 099-286-2465 LINK


Company name Contact HP
KagoshimaTransport Branch,Kyushu District Transport Bureau Head Office Building (Marine Traffic): General Affairs andPlanning Department 099-222-5660 LINK
Taniyama Port Office Building (Land Traffic): Land Transport 099-261-9192
Taniyama Port Office Building (Land Traffic): Maintenance 099-261-9194
(Public Corporation) Kagoshima Bus Association   099-252-8670 LINK
  Kagoshima Prefectural Passenger Vessel Association   099-222-2352
Public Interest Incorporated AssociationKagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau   099-223-5771
Kagoshima City Main Phone Number 099-224-1111 LINK
Kagoshima Prefecture Policy Planning and Coordination Department Transportation and Traffic Policy Division 099-286-2457 LINK

Kagoshima Sightseeing General Site

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Kagoshima Convention & Visitors Bureau Why not hold your next convention inKagoshima? LINK
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the General Site for Public Facilities

Kagoshima Prefecture Facilities Kagoshima Prefecture Public Facilities Information LINK
Kagoshima-city Public Facilities Guide Kagoshima-city Public Facilities Information LINK
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